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scrap bag gst liabities

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We have purchase raw material rice bran in bag. Empty bag is used for packing of finished good Doc. Scrap Bag is used in Boiler . whether Scrap Bag used in boiler liable for GST . We have not taken ITC on Bag. Department Saying Record should be maintained for scrap bag.
pls guide me

Error in reviewing TallyPrime Gold @ special price for Chartered Accountants!

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I wanted to purchase TallyPrime Gold @ special price for Chartered Accountants! but when i’m putting my information an error is showing that Data provided is not valid therefore i’m unable to check its price, therefore kindly help to resolve this issue.

Unsecured Loans

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Under Indian laws, can a private limited company take unsecured loan from an individual? If yes, kindly refer the section/law.

GST penalty

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How do I save on the GST penalty for not filing a NIL return and cancel the GST?

GST Rate

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1.What is the GST rate to be taken in case of used bikes under margin scheme?

Discharge of GST Liability

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Sir, March 21 one sales invoice is included in Apl -June qtr. The party is on QRMP basis. Out put liability for March 21 for this bill how to discharge? Can that be paid in the normal way thru GSTR3B amount of Apl-June qtr of 2021 or For March 21 missed bill should DRC 03 Challan is to be created separately and pay? If paid thru DRC 03 Separately for missed March 21 bill liability, would not there be a mismatch of GSTR1 filed for the three months of April May and June 21 and GSTR3B liability declared and liability charged thru cash payment. There is very negligible amount of input credit available for March21 and also April- June 21. How to resolve the issue

Kindly help
j r kota

RCM for earlier periods

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RCM paid for the FY 2017-2018 through DRC3 challen on Sep 2021. Can I claim input of this based on the paid date challen?.

goods sent on confirmation basis

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In case goods are sent via courier inter state on confirmation basis only and above Rs. 50000 is Eway Bill mandatory?

GST – Interest for belated filing during lock down

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Dear Sir,

I wish to know the grant of additional time given by the GST council for the filing of monthly GST returns during the last nation wise lock down period from Mar’20 to April’20?

This is because GST authorities have charged late fee for these period also. To protest this, I need to have your valuable advise on the addtional grant of time for return filing during the above first lock down.

Thanks & Regards,

IGST on Customs duty paid not reflected in GSTR 2A

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In the financial year 2020-21 (November’2020) I had imported goods from Thailand and paid customs duty with IGST based on Bill of entry. In the meantime only one Bill of Entry was not reflected in GST R 2A (part D Import of Goods from overseas on Bill of Entry). So I am not able to take ITC . I have approached customs department for this matter , they said to contact GST dept. How to claim IGST paid on customs duty.

GST – ITC Claim on Factory Building

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Dear Sir,

In a factory, which comprises of both building and machiney, can ITC be claimed on the GST portion on the amounts spent on the construction of building? Department refused to grant ITC on this and issued a demand notice with a penal interest of 2% per month.

Do we have an option to request the govt authorities to get waiver on the penal interest of 2% per month whether partly or fully when the ITC cannot be claimed on the construction of building for a factory as per the statement of govt authorities???

Stock register in Automobile industry

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I request you to kindly guide me how to maintain stock register as related to chasis no. in automobile industry.


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I am doing export and import business. I have purchased a machinery from Bombay with IGST and exported to outside India (Thailand) without IGST (without any bond and declaration). I had imported goods from outside India (from Thailand) and sold to other state (kerala) with IGST. Can i take the IGST on purchase of goods as ITC and adjust the tax against outward IGST?

GST invoice and return

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I request your kind help in guiding how to maintain accounts and invoice in Tally and it’s linkage with GST portal for filing gst return. Thank you and look forward for early and positive response

Gst Applicable on lease Rent paid for common salt manufacturing unit

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We are a registered dealer doing business on manufacturing common salt and from 01/04/2021 we have given total lands for lease to another common salt manufacturing company ( Registered Dealer) for annual lease Rs.1000000.00 . Shall I charge GST on forward charges

Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)