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mismatch of turnover under qrmp from gstr1/iff to gstr3b

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Sir we are under QRMP mode – in the month of Apl 22 there were sales to registered and unregistered persons. The registered persons sales were successfully uploaded. In the month of May 2022 all sales were to unregistered persons. There were no sales in the month of June 2022.. When we uploaded gstr3b it captured both registered and un registered sales. This has resulted a mismatch. Turn over as per gstr1 is less compared to gstr3b to the extent of unregistered persons. How to solve.
since any correction can be done in the second quarter returns request yo to kindly suggest a solution at the earliest.
Tried for a solution with the GST help desk with out success
j r kota

How to Prepare Schedule III balance sheet for F.Y. 2021-22 in Tally Prime

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Earlier in Tally ERP 9 there was a facility to prepare the Schedule III balance sheet as required by Companies Act, 2013 . However there is no such feature in Tally Prime ( or i am not aware its its already there). Also as per updated for of the said Schedule there are lots of disclosure requirements which have been added. When this feature will made available in tally prime and if its already there how to use the same.

stock suppression

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What is the impact of stock suppression in quantity qty ) in GST as well as the regular books of accounts. Necessary taxes and penalties were discharged.
what action has to be taken with regard to the same.

Notice U/s 143(1)

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One of my clients was having refund of GST rs 12,98,887.00 during the FY 20-21. It was refund claimed for input gst accumulated on purchases against export . I have given the same in 3CD under clause 16 (b) “The proforma credits, drawbacks, refund of duty of customs or excise or service tax, or refund of sales tax or value added tax, or refund of GST, where such credits, drawbacks or refunds are admitted as due by the authorities concerned” .
Now notice under sec 143(1) came stating that, Adjustments u/s 143(1)(a)(iv).There is inconsistency in amount mentioned in return at Sl. No. 5(b) of Part A OI “The proforma credits, drawbacks, refund of duty of customs or excise or service tax, or refund of sales tax or value added tax, or refund of GST, where such credits, drawbacks or refunds are admitted as due by the authorities concerned” and Tax audit report.
This amount is not taxable as it is only refund of GST input credit. What is the solution. Do I need to revise Form 3D and Is it possible now?


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what is my tally NET password

Annual Return Purpose

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Suppose I have received rent of Rs. 20 Lacs and Sale proceeds from land Rs. 4 Cr, Whether i am Mandate to file GSTR-9

Whether Sale of Land Under GST to be Treated as turnover

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Sale of Land under GST is to be treated as turnover

Auditor Pack

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I want new tally auditor package serial number

E invoicing in case of conversion

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Turnover limit for e invoicing is 20 Cr. One partnership firm converted into ltd company and getting new GST registration. The turnover of the partnership firm is 100 cr. my question is that whether e invoice is applicable for the newly registered ltd company as new gst registration has taken and not have history of previous year turnover.


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Linking DRC-03 voluntary payment to GSTR3B of the next quarter

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Dear Sir, we are under QRMP Scheme of filing the returns. For the July-Sept 21 quarter the turnover figures of July and August were missed out by mistake and only September turnover was taken. However the turn over figures for July and August 2021 were correctly declared on the respective due dates in GSTR1. Thus there is a mismatch between GSTR1 and GSTR3B for the July-Sept 21 qtr. The same was immediately noticed on the same day of filing the GSTR3B and the liability was discharged voluntarily thru DRC03. Now while filing the GSTR3B for Oct-Dec 21 qtr to rectify the mistake the missed turn over of July and Aug 21 are shown along with the tax amounts of oct-dec qtr. The system is once again insisting on the cash payment for the missed months of July and Aug 21. Unable to link the DRC-03 payment with the liability we have omitted the July and Aug 21 liability and filed the return. Now I request for a solution for the problem – 1 how to link the DRC -03 voluntary payment with the liability of July and August 21 and 2 can the missed july and Aug 21 figures be shown in Jan-March 22 quarter?
j r kota

Linking DRC03 Voluntary payment to GSTR3B for the mismatch of the previous qtr

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Dear Sir, we are under QRMP Scheme. For the quarter July-Sept 2021 the figures of outward supply were correctly taken. But in GSTR3B of the quarter by over sight one month sales were not taken. Thus there is a mismatch between GSTR1 and GSTR3B for the quarter. The same was noticed immediately and by creating DRC-03 the amount of the tax and interest was discharged on voluntary basis. Now while filing GSTR3B for the quarter October-December 2021 to rectify the mistake the sales figures of the month which were by mistake are not taken are included and liability disclosed. The system is asking for the full payment ( total liability) including for the missed turnover of the month of July-Sept 21 quarter. It is not proceeding further in the portal. How to link the missed liability of the previous period now shown in GSTR3B with the DRC-03 payment already made, so that additional payment can be avoided. Regards J R Kota


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Sir, Registered person has taken land on lease but due to non utilization of land , penalty was imposed and gst was charged 18 percent by the lessor. Whether person eligible for itc?

Error in reviewing TallyPrime Gold @ special price for Chartered Accountants!

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I wanted to purchase TallyPrime Gold @ special price for Chartered Accountants! but when i’m putting my information an error is showing that Data provided is not valid therefore i’m unable to check its price, therefore kindly help to resolve this issue.

gstr9 and adjustment of liability

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Sir While filing the gstr3B for Jan -March 21 qtr under QRMP basis the turn over and its liability for jan and feb was not included resulting in short payment of liability. However the same was included in GSTR1. While filing the gstr9 can this differential tax be adjusted against the available input credit and the interest payment in cash?

j r kota

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