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Gst Applicable on lease Rent paid for common salt manufacturing unit

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We are a registered dealer doing business on manufacturing common salt and from 01/04/2021 we have given total lands for lease to another common salt manufacturing company ( Registered Dealer) for annual lease Rs.1000000.00 . Shall I charge GST on forward charges

Segregation of Units of Mutual Funds

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I need to know the mutual fund entry for Segregation of Units.

Receivable Management with TallyPrime

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We are using Tally Prime. Manager is responsible for services to the allotted clients & recoveries from them. In the Tally, Clients are grouped under the name of responsible person for ease of identification. How can we mail the ledger of all the clients to the responsible Manager in single attachment in detailed & in summary with the name of the client with O/s balance as another attachment from Prime at specified interval.

The purpose is to have one mail with one attachment with the details of all the clients.

RCM Applicable on JCB and Pocalin hire charges for salt pan maintenance

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We manufacture common salt (Edible salt) . and we have hired JCB and pocalin machines for salt pand leveling and maintenance and salt loading purposes from unregistered persons.

Shall I paid RCM for hire charges.

Tally ERP 9

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I’m using Tally ERP 9. Where can I get the resources for the same – like videos etc.

Customer’s GSTIN Cancelled/Suspended

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In case a B2B customer’s GSTIN is suspended/cancelled, the supplier is getting error message while filing GSTR-1. In such a situation, the undernoted procedures are being followed by different persons :
a) Report the concerned invoice(s) as B2C ; or
b) Ignore the concerned invoice(s) while filing GSTR-1 and take it in the month in which the customers GSTIN is active again.

Which is the correct procedure to be followed ?

Again, in case of option (a), (which I personally think would be the correct option, as otherwise there would be a mismatch in GSTR 3B & GSTR-1) can the B2C sale be later amended to B2B Sale. If yes, what is the procedure?

Time Limit for availing ITC on service

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I am a clearing and forwarding agent. While clearing import containers some of these are not cleared due to some duty variance. So the containers were stored in port yard and my supplier raise a invoice yard rent with GST in favor of me (in the name of clearing and forwarding agent) on Feb;2021. In the same time I raised a tax bill for my customer but they requested me to raise bill after cleared the continers. Now I cleared the containers on 01/06/2021 and I raise tax invoice with GST. can I adjust Feb 2021 ITC 1 against the service raised by me now and what is the time limit to avail the ITC.

Lease Rent paid to unregistered person attract GST

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We have taken lands for lease to manufacture common salt from unregistered person. . we pay lease amount annually. shall I pay RCM in GST and Let me know it is exempted or taxable service.

Extension of Time limit to file the returns under Form 3B

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Has the government notified any dates extending the time limit for filing of Returns in form GSTR3B.

Time limit to dispatch goods after raising invoice under Bill to-Ship to Model

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Mr A is (Registered in WB) purchase a used machinery from Mr B in Delhi for Resale to a dealer after repairs in Delhi.

Note: Repairing will be done at the place of Mr B. All repairing cost is being borne by Mr A.

Mr B has raised an Invoice in Bill to – Ship to model to Mr A, mentioning his own Delhi address under Ship to.

No waybill is generated as no actual movement has taken place yet.

1. Is the Invoice correct?
2. Do Mr A need to take a separate registration in Delhi? Since he will resale the machine to someone Mr C in Delhi itself.
3. For how long can Mr A keep the machinery at the location of Mr B after the invoice is raised?

GST New Act

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What is the new amendment for GST ?

Taxability on Advance Received for export of Services

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What will be the taxability on advance received for export of services? How will it be reported in the GST Returns?

TDS Deduction under GST, the limit to be seen Contractor Unit Wise or PAN Wise?

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For TDS deduction under GST whether we need to see the limit of 2,50,000/- per contractor Unit wise or PAN wise?

GST Implications if payment against export of services is not received.

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What will be the GST implications if payments against export of services (Without payment of Tax) is not received within the time frame of 9 months?

Viewing 14 topics - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)