| Mar-27-2023

Automation Landscape – Views of Tally Evangelist

Let's have a discussion with our expert on the topic CA. Vandana Dodhia, popularly known as Tally Evangelist who have been working with the Technology team since last 25 years. Her core work area includes creating awareness in client team, the fundamentals of office automation journey, and its benefits from an accounting standpoint. As we all are aware Tally is a frequently used accounting tool.


Q. What are your thoughts on Automation tools in accounting?

- Business owners can utilise accounting automation as a powerful tool to address issues with manual accounting. The concept of computerised accounting is not new, but big data analytics, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence (AI) have considerably improved the capabilities of these systems. Artificial intelligence is used in accounting software to track data and record transactions. 

AI automates data entry and other tedious chores, freeing analysts to focus on more important responsibilities. Modern technology completes tasks accurately and with little manual labour. Hence, CA and Accountants can concentrate more on preparing investments and budgets. 

Financial experts can execute their responsibilities more precisely and efficiently with the aid of accounting automation software. Automation is a strategy that businesses are using more and more to optimise resource use and lower operating expenses. Several operations in your ERP software can be automated by our robotic process automation (RPA) specialists. 

Q. How does automation in accounting programme aids Businesses?

  • Quicker Turnaround - The accounting process can be automated to save time and effort. You may now produce results more rapidly and successfully. Also, it helps broaden your client base and market. 
  • Data Accuracy- For financial operations and preserving a good client reputation, accurate data is essential. Accounting automation improves accuracy while reducing the likelihood of errors. 
  • Cutting-edge Techniques- You can save money by automating administrative activities with accounting automation software. Automation speeds up and lowers the cost of record processing. 
  • Thorough Examination - Accountants and AR analysts need pertinent and trustworthy data for trend analysis, fraud detection, and the development of other financial indicators. Automated accounting solutions' self-service analytics capabilities let non-IT professionals quickly create reports and visualise data. 
  • Enhanced Security - Traditional accounting systems require large ledger books, journal entry records, and other account management documentation. It's possible that some of these papers will disappear. Accounting software makes ensuring that data is prepared and securely kept either locally or in the cloud. 
  • Data Retrieval - You had to sift through reams of paper in order to find a file or document. Automation technologies simplify data retrieval and location. Accounting automation systems save costs and increase the adaptability of data archiving.

Q. How does automation in accounting programme aid CA and Accountants?

For instance, in addition to being an accounting tool, Tally provides business management software such as numerous reporting for MIS and Data Analysis and Verification under audit Module. It is simpler to manage your inventory thanks to a variety of reports, including stock summaries, ageing analysis reports, item-wise profitability, multi-currency support, flexible sales and procurement administration, multiple billing formats, seamless receivables, and payables management, and much more. 

Q. How other software integration supported by Tally?

TallyPrime has its ability to import data from any other software applications, such as Excel, Ms Access, SQL, etc. There are various options available for businesses to make other software integrations easier for import in TallyPrime. Developers can create direct integrations, use third-party tools, or create custom TDL solutions to support Excel files. By choosing the right approach, businesses can improve their workflow and streamline their accounting processes. 

To make other software integrations easier for import in TallyPrime, developers generally consider the following options: 

  1. Direct Integration: One of the most effective ways to import data from other software applications is to create a direct integration between TallyPrime and the other application. 
  2. Third-Party Tools: Another option for businesses is to use third-party tools. These tools can be integrated with TallyPrime and configured to automatically convert any reports into the required format. This can save businesses time and reduce the risk of errors that can occur when manually converting data.
  3. Custom TDL Solutions: TallyPrime offers a customizable platform through TDL (Tally Definition Language), which allows developers to create custom solutions that can extend the functionality of TallyPrime to any level

Q. How Tally observed the Automation journey?

In 1986, Tally Solutions was established. Tally has continued to be inventive and, in the lead, when it comes to adopting technologies that are crucial to their customers, such as the switch from DOS to Windows, LAN adoption in the MSME sector, or the best user interface for transactional systems, etc. 

Tally also uses cutting-edge technology like cloud, data analytics, and AI/ML to provide its consumers with the best goods available. SME's have traditionally favoured Tally when it comes to managing their businesses. Tally has continuously considered the characteristics of its products over the years, never being bound by technology and always placing a priority on meeting the demands of its clients. 

Q. How tally is ready for Various on-site location and Branch Accounting?

Tally Synchronization is a process that allows multiple users to access and update the same Tally data simultaneously. It is an important feature of TallyPrime that enables businesses to synchronize data across multiple locations, offices, or branches in real-time. 

With Tally Synchronization, businesses can easily manage their financial and accounting operations across multiple locations without worrying about data discrepancies. It helps to streamline the accounting process and provides accurate and up-to-date information, which in turn helps to make better-informed business decisions. 

Tally data Synchronization is an essential feature for businesses with multiple locations or branches. It helps to keep financial and accounting data accurate and up-to-date, which in turn helps businesses to make better-informed decisions. 

Q. Accounting Automation: Will It Replace Accountants?

Accounting automation software helps financial professionals complete their tasks more precisely and effectively. It works similarly to a reliable and consistent automated assistant. As a result, the company’s data analytics and reporting improve, speeding up the process of making strategic financial decisions. 

In many simple accounting tasks, AI technology is more efficient, effective, and error-free than human labour. Therefore, this doesn’t imply that AI technology replaces Accountant. However, it will always be the accountants’ responsibility to evaluate and interpret the data produced by the software. 

In the advancement of technology or the economy, there are always greater opportunities. For their contributions to making Tally a sufficient tool for business houses, CAs may also consider becoming Tally Trainer. 



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