| May-10-2021

How to Work From Home on Tally?

Due to COVID 19, it has become extremely important to work from home for most of us.

As time passes, we will have to think of using technology for working from home or on the go. Also we need to give freedom & flexibility to the employees to work from home.

Therefore, KV Solutions understands the importance of Tally and provides solutions for using Tally from home for multiple users.

For a single user of Tally, you can reactivate Tally in your laptop or home PC and start working from home. You need to copy data from your office to your laptop or home PC.

Below features and technologies are recommended for multiple users who want to work from home on one Tally data. To use these features and technologies, you need to have good internet speed at both locations.

1. Tally on Browser

This Tally feature enables you to view and download your tally reports through your mobile or desktop from anywhere. This feature is available from Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.6 with valid TSS. For this feature you need to keep your Tally ON and connected on your computer.

See how it works

Users allowed: 10 Nos for Multi users (10 users email id’s can be used by 50 users)

2. Tally Remote Access

This Tally feature will help users, access Tally from anywhere by Tally.Net id & password. It provides access to all Tally features, but to users with a valid TSS, only. For this feature you need to keep your Tally ON and connected on your computer.

See how it works

Users allowed: 10 Nos for Multi user and 1 for Single user

3. Tally on Cloud

This technology enables you to use your Tally through cloud system. It allows to use your own Tally License and access your Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime from our servers using any RDP client from any device. BIGGEST Advantage of using Tally Cloud is that Data Centres are located in India, and you can activate Indian Tally License.

For more details please visit this link

Users allowed: Unlimited

4. Microsoft Remote Desktop/TS Plus/Citrix/RDS

This technology is not a part of Tally. This setup will be done by your IT person or Hardware Vendor. You can access your office computer from any location with your own desktop. You can give user wise access rights to data or only to Tally. For this feature you need to keep your Tally server computer On.

Users allowed: Unlimited

General Note:
From 1st May 2021, Tally introduced change in their licensing policy which will support virtual usage of TallyPrime via Tally Virtual User (TVU) pack. Virtual usage means accessing TallyPrime over RDP, Cloud, Citrix, TS Plus, or any other similar technologies.

Commercial’s applicability will be beyond your TVU entitlement:

  1. Tally Prime Silver: 1
  2. Tally Prime Gold: 10
  3. Tally Prime Server: 20

If you need more TVU packs, they will be available to purchase at INR 100 per user per month. In a situation where you need TVU packs in bulk, Tally is offering a bulk discount.

Conclusion: Based on the usage, type of work and also type of user, you can select the right option. Also, you need to check short term and long-term cost for these features and technologies. You can avail some offers and benefits at the time of purchase. Before purchasing we recommend you to opt for a trial, so you can experience the exact working and interface.

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